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The number one priority at Brent Harsh Law is to get our out clients
back on their feet and pain free. Brent has been working with the
leading medical experts in the Reno area since 2004 to learn about medicine and injures. Sadly, most people do not have insurance coverage or the money needed for top medical care. Brent works with excellent medical providers in our community. These doctors also want to make sure people get healthy
again. They will work with patients to delay payment until
the case is resolved.

Who pays for my case?

Our clients pay nothing during their case.  When costs accrue during a case, Brent Harsh Law pays those costs for clients.  Clients pay nothing until the case has ended.

Who fixes my car?

Your car, van, truck, scooter or motorcycle gets you to work, the kids to school, and you to doctor appointments.  Your vehicle might be your most important tool, and it is important for it to get fixed or replaced immediately.  Brent Harsh Law has been working with insurance companies for years and has long standing relationship with auto-shops and insurance companies to help put you in a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired or replaced.  There are complicated laws we can help you navigate so you do not get stuck with costs due to someone else’s negligence.

Is Brent is always available?

Brent is always available to meet any of his clients. There is never a charge it’s always free. Brent makes the time to meet his clients at the office or where it’s convenient for you.

What is my case worth?

This is determined by the facts of your case, the losses you’ve suffered and the harms done. Your settlement is dependent on the amount of your current and future medical bills, the time you missed from work, and how the accident has affected your life. Brent brings jury trial and real-world experience to your case, and knows how to properly and effectively get the best result based on the facts of your case. If a lawyer tells you the value of your case at your initial meeting, you should question that “prediction,” because he is quantitative or fair to you.

When will my case end?

Again, this is dependent on the facts.  Smaller and simpler cases normally can take only a few months.  More complicated cases with multiple parties and complicated medical issues can take months, if not years. It is important to work with an experienced lawyer that has trial experience, so they can give you real answers to your difficult questions. Brent has tried more cases than most attorneys in the state of Nevada, and has the real answers for you to your questions.

What happens if my insurance carrier denies my claim?

Typically, most insurance policies provide a way for someone else to review the initial denial. It is important to be educated and review the policy with an attorney who has appeal experience, know your rights and the insurance companies violation of their responsibility of good faith and fair practices. Brent will work with you to make sure the insurance companies don’t sidestep your rights. He uses his experience to fight for your rights.

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Do I need to hire an attorney?

Yes; Yes; Yes! Whether or not you hire Brent Harsh Law or another law firm it is imperative that you discuss your case with a lawyer. The State of Nevada…
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I was injured at work, do I have rights?

Yes.  Nevada requires a worker’s compensation program by your employer, and there are complicated laws and timelines regarding injuries at work.  You must immediately notify your employer of your injury…
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