Do I need to hire an attorney?

By 08/14/2017 September 19th, 2017 FAQ, Uncategorized
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Yes, Yes, Yes.  If you hire Brent, or another attorney, it is imperative that you hire an attorney to discuss your case.  The State of Nevada has set up certain time-tables to resolve cases, and if you are not properly informed, insurance companies will drag your case along until the time has expired, and your claim disappears like you were never injured.

Strangely, many doctors will not treat their patients who have been injured in an auto-accident.  This is just the reality of today because doctors do not want to be involved in the legal system, they are jaded and do not trust lawyers.  Brent has spent over a decade working with medical experts, who appreciate his ethical and caring approach and work with Brent’s clients to make sure they get healthy.

Insurance companies go out of their way to create “issues” or “problems” with your claim to delay.  By law, they will send you complicated and wordy letters.  It is important to talk to an attorney to unravel these stalling techniques.

Finally, settlements with a lawyers’ guidance is usually substantially higher.  Brent, or a lawyer of your choosing, should be able to talk to you about all of his or her jury verdicts and come up with a just and reasonable amount for your losses and harms.