Accidents cause serious injuries and damages that can change someone forever. Our Firm is dedicated to aggressively fighting for our clients who have been hurt. We are making our clients’ lives better by handing them large settlements, judgment checks or structured settlements.

Catastrophic Injury

Accidents can lead to catastrophic and life-changing injures. We stand with our clients and their families through these trying times to get them justice.

Defective Products

Every day, negligent companies rush to put their newest and greatest products on the market without doing the proper research and safety testing. The Nevada Courts hold these companies responsible for the harm causes, even if the product is misused, as long as it was foreseeable.

Premises Liability / Slip and Fall

People are injured at casinos, shopping malls, stores every day because the property owner had a practice of cheep and poor maintenance which led to ice accumulation, slippery substances or crowded aisles which caused your accident. It is important to discuss your case with a litigator immediately, so the proper evidence can be collected.

Car Accidents

There are thousands of accidents on Nevada roads. Insurance companies take aggressive and proactive steps to settle cases early and only pay a fraction of what a victim may be entitled to. It is important you talk to an honest attorney prior to settling your case.

DUI Accidents

The laws for DUI accidents and DUI are complicated but are in place to protect the victim. If you were injured by a driver who was under the influence, it is essential to discuss your case with a person who has litigated hundreds of civil DUI cases.

Bicycle & Pedestrian Accidents

Most people do not know that automobile insurance may cover their injuries caused by a car accident. Cyclists and Pedestrians are vulnerable and the injures they can suffer from an automobile accident are devastating. It is imperative to discuss your case with an experience attorney.

Semi-Truck / Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Business (also known as commercial) semi-trucks, mining equipment, cement trucks, large commercial vehicles, which can be 20 times the size of your average family car, create havoc on our local roads, and these employees are rushing to the next job. These negligent companies leave a wake of sorrow, in which 98% of all accidents involving a semi-truck results in a fatality. It is essential that victims and their families seek representation immediately and hold companies responsible in cutting corners and cheap cost savings habits.

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